The Unscripted Moment

--First Place/Wedding Photojournalists 2007 Contest/Bouquet Toss
Taken by David at a wedding at The Four Seasons in Boston

To both David and John it comes down to the trust our clients have in them as
photographers, as experienced photojournalists, and as artists. That trust enables them to get close enough to capture the decisive moments--both big and small--of the wedding day. But it is not just getting close. It also comes down to the eye of the photojournalist to anticipate the moment, to prepare for the moment, to patiently await the moment, and to have the technical and artistic experience to choose the perfect lens and camera setting to capture the moment.

David talks more about capturing the moment in a recent article in WedPix, the on line magazine of the International Wedding Photojournalists Association.

To view David's featured comments, click here:
Article featuring David in WedPix Magazine: "Capturing the Moment"

--First Place/Wedding Photojournalists 2007 Contest/Drink and Food
Taken by John at a wedding in Maine


David Pullum said...

great article and great shots david.

...smoki... said...

good job ;-))