Young Women and Breast Cancer

The country is awash in pink--the color of breast cancer awareness. Although we are mindful that women are diagnosed with breast cancer (sadly) 12 months a year, we take this moment to honor October and David's youngest sister Ann--who is five years and counting in her breast cancer battle. Many of you know that we made a documentary film, The Breast Cancer Diaries, featuring Ann, directed by Linda and co-produced by Ann and Linda. David created a companion still photo documentary. The Diaries aired last October on Discovery Health in the United States, and is airing this week on Discovery Latin America. We are thrilled to have a Latin American audience viewing the film. Here is a snippet from one of The Diaries trailers:

The Breast Cancer Diaries Documentary movie trailer from The Diaries Film on Vimeo.

Project Pink presents The Breast Cancer Diaries: For ten years, Ann Murray Paige covered the news, but for the biggest story of her life she turned the camera on herself. When Ann, a former local news reporter and anchor is diagnosed with breast cancer at age 38, she sets up a diary camera in her bedroom. Ann's video diaries--raw and true--chronicles a young mother's nine month journey with breast cancer, punctuated with humor, poignancy and romance.

Along the way, Ann--with characteristic wit--challenges everything from "drive-through" mastectomies to the role breasts play in American society.

Director Linda Pattillo, herself an award-winning former network news correspondent (ABC NEWS and CNN) spent 15 years covering wars across the globe. In The Diaries, she covers a far more intimate and personal battle--that of a young woman and mother fighting for her life.